Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Facebook Junkie is!

Tonight I have finally figred out why I love facebook so, so much! I grew up in a semi-small town. Lived in the same house until the age of 18, went to the same schools during elementary, Jr. High, and HS.
There wasnt' much to do in the town that I grew up in and everyone knew everyone. During Jr. High and Elementary School you make so many friends and develop such connections with the peoople from your same small town. Then HS hits, and bam! You and alll of the friends that you have had for the better part of your ife have to go to the rival HS's in the town.
You create new friends that have spent those formative years at other Elemnetary or Jr. High Schools in the area and you add to your small circle. And it continues to grow, just as theirs does!!
Facebook has allowed me among others to increase the size of their circle of friends yet continue with that small town feel. A lot of these people have grown up in the same small town that I did or in the near vicinity.
My small facebook town still gives me warm fuzzies every day. When you have moved away from that security blanket that we call "The place where we grew up, or home" it allows us to opprotunity to still have that feeling.
Thank you Facebook!! Thank you!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a day in the life of a Proud Grandma.....

First of all I am such a lucky grandma!! I have 7 wonderful grandkids, each with their very own talents and personalities.

Today my pride is for my grandson Blake, not that there isn't pride for each and every one of these precious grandkids. But today I do believe that my grandson Blake has found his niche! About 3 weeks ago he won the science fair at his elementary school, which sent him to the district Science Fair today. My grandson won the district Sience Fair today and now will be going to the County!!

He has been on the search of his special talent and I do believe that he has found it. I think that is what I am the proudest of. How cool is that? He will be 10 on Monday and he has found something that he truly enjoy's and makes him happy, I just love that!

So today the Grandma is proud of Balke and I look forward to sharing my pride of each and everyone of these beautiful kids with you when the time arises!! I love being a Grandma, my wish is that everyone has the opprotunity in life to experience the joy of being a grandparent.

Till next time, happy to share a day in my life with you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready for the weekend.....

It's Thursday and I am ready for the weekend ahead!! Work has been good this week but I am so looking forward to a restful weekend. Sleep has been just out of reach lately and I am hoping to be able to attain a good nights sleep this weekend!

What a day in the life of Gratitude is.......
There are many days that I have to stop and take a look at what I should be grateful for. I do this when I am feeling a little down or when things are going aray in my life as it always make me feel better. It makes me realize that the smallest things in life are such a blessing and it keeps me looking at a positive road that is laid before me, and helps me to continue to follow it.
It starts with a thank you prayer to God for waking up that day, for having clean clothes to wear, and the water to brush my teeth. I thank him for allowing me to have Gas in the car to get to work and the fact that I have a car that works is always a huge thing that I am grateful for as there have been many years in my life that was not the case.
As the sun rises or the rain falls I am grateful that I have eyes that allow me to be witness to this small miracle and what a blessing that is. I show gratitude when I take a few minutes out of my busy day to actually stop and listen to the birds sing and see the butterflies as they float through the air and realize this is the time to show God your Gratitude and offer a prayer of thanks, so I do.
I think that I am going to make a point to take 5 minutes to myself each and every day to express my gratitude and appreciate all of the blessing that I recieve.
My wish for each of you is that you can find that 5 minutes for each of yourselves. And find that grtitude within yourselves!
Have a wonderful night and look forward to a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What a day in the life of a mother in law....
So today's subject is going to be about mother in laws. I actually have a few of them, lucky me!! Past and present!! Woo Hoo. And I am a mother in law so I do know a little bit about this subject.
I have a mother in law, that was never really my mother in law but she is my sons grandmother. I have an ex mother in law that I am glad that she is my ex. At this point in time I have 2 mother in laws, as my husband was adopted by his Aunt at the age of 6 so she is my mother in law here but his birth mother is still alive and we do have somewhat of a relationship with her also so my # as of today s king of 3! Past and present..
I have ha the mother in law that hates you for taking her son away from her and we did not get along at all. I sure hope that I never become that mother in law and if someone promises to tell me if I do I would certainly appreciate it.
My first kind of mother in law that I love to pieces has always been there for me and loves me as much as I love her. I thik that I hope to be a mother in law like that. My present mother in laws are wonderful women who have worked hard and struggled for everything they have so I hope to take some of the lesson's that I have learned from them and add those to my MIL repetoire also!!
I have had 2 daughter in laws, one of my sons has divorced in the reccent past so I guess that I am no longer her mother in law. Make me a little sad but I do have one daughter in law left that I love.
I strive to be a mother in law that does not butt their nose into every problem that a young couple goes through nor do I want to be the bossy problematic mother in law that always wants her way and intends to create problems between she and her husband. If she is ever to read this I hope that if she feels like I am doing any of the things that I just stated that I never want to do she feels like she can tell me.
I had an opprotunity to talk to a friend about her mother in law today that she is having issues with. There are some mother in laws out there that play head games, and I just don't understand why someone would do their best to cause stress where a relationship is already hard enough to deal with, ie... children, jobs, money, bills, who needs to add the mother in law stress???? What's up with that?
My suggestion to anyone that has a mother in law issue is to make it a job to win! Take whatever problem is going on at this time and out-think her! You all have great minds and can do this I am sure and if you ever need any help in figureing out how to deal with a situation, pease ask and I would be happy to hep you try to figure it out!
Good luck!

February 23, 2010 4:54 PM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Beginning....

Today was my last day of a three day work week! Can I get a Woo Hoo??? Spending the next few days with my mom and looking forward to it! We have some intense things to talk about over the next few days. We are having that discussion about what to do at the end when the time comes and I don't think that anyone really wants to have that talk but we all know it's a good thing to do.
So today is the first day of the rest of my blog. Do you follow any blogs? I am actually folllowing a few of them and enjoy checking in on them whether they are just an update or something is really on somene's mind. I look forward to imparting my thoughts and opinions on anyone that is willing to listen, hahaha. You never know what will pop out of this mind and onto the page! So check back often throughout your week. I look forward to hearing from all of you!
My thought for the day, today is in regards to feeling old! Not sure if any of you ever feel this way but this is what started it:
I was reading some posts on my social networking page yesterday it was a post from 2 kids that are kind of realtives that played a big part in my life for a very long time. One of them was telling her cousin that her sister told her to invite the cousin to a wine tasting thing that her sister's work is sponsoring on friday night. All fine and dandy, the answer she got was "sick! I'm down with that! Check back with you on that!" I was about to write feel better soon when, I got the feeling old thought as it creeped in on me.
I have 2 sons one is 33 and a cowboy and the other is 30 and a homeboy! I thought oh put on your homeboy hat and rethink that statement. It occured to me that sick=great and I'm down with that=count me in! Not that I am ill and in bed and will call you as soon as I feel better. Whew narrowly escaping the dreaded "What was she thinking?!" effect I would have on 1/2 of my friends and family. Also when I say kids above they will always be kids to me but they are in their 30's also, so no worries that these teens are going someplace to tie one on. Oh I wonder if that has a double meaning in their lingo??? Guess if they read this I am sure that they will fill me in on any double meanings, I look forward to hearing from anyone on this matter.
Well enjoy your night and see you in the Blogisphere!!