Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Facebook Junkie is!

Tonight I have finally figred out why I love facebook so, so much! I grew up in a semi-small town. Lived in the same house until the age of 18, went to the same schools during elementary, Jr. High, and HS.
There wasnt' much to do in the town that I grew up in and everyone knew everyone. During Jr. High and Elementary School you make so many friends and develop such connections with the peoople from your same small town. Then HS hits, and bam! You and alll of the friends that you have had for the better part of your ife have to go to the rival HS's in the town.
You create new friends that have spent those formative years at other Elemnetary or Jr. High Schools in the area and you add to your small circle. And it continues to grow, just as theirs does!!
Facebook has allowed me among others to increase the size of their circle of friends yet continue with that small town feel. A lot of these people have grown up in the same small town that I did or in the near vicinity.
My small facebook town still gives me warm fuzzies every day. When you have moved away from that security blanket that we call "The place where we grew up, or home" it allows us to opprotunity to still have that feeling.
Thank you Facebook!! Thank you!!

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